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For any questions regarding our products or for assistance with your order, please email us at and you should get a response within one business day. If you are emailing about your order, please make sure to include the order number or the email address used at checkout in your message. Thank you! 



We are processing and dispatching 90% of orders from our overseas warehouse within 2-3 days. However, the recent flight cancelations have bumped the time each order arrives to USPS facilities. We are aware that many orders have reached our customers past the estimated delivery dates. Many of those very late orders are held up by the same reasons while in transit to US. At this time the current delivery average for most US orders went up from 12 to 18 business days. 

If your order has already been processed and dispatched but your tracking information says "Shipping Label Created" or "Pre-Shipment" this means that your order was sent from a warehouse outside of your country and is In-Transit to the origin facility where your order is expected by your local postal service. Unfortunately your tracking information may not show any updates until your local provider receives the package. Please note that even though the tracking information has not been updated this does NOT mean that your package hasn't been shipped or isn't moving. Your package will most likely still be delivered within the estimated period. 

We are committed to take orders as they come, and are doing every single thing in our power to process your orders as quickly as we are able, despite the challenges we face in keeping our team healthy. If you are okay waiting, we invite you to place an order and we are grateful for your business and trust. We ask only for your patience and understanding at this difficult time, as our customer service team is overwhelmed. We promise, we are on the case! 

Nonetheless we are still receiving many blessings and cheers from our happy customers that have already received their orders. We are more than happy to hear your stories and strongly appreciate your support. To future customers, we assure you that our cool stuff is worth the wait. 

Our customer team is currently overwhelmed for which we apologize for any delays replying to your message. For more information feel free to check our FAQ regarding any questions.
The GikPond Team